I really love stars so much .. u know why ? because when I was love someone but he didn’t love me back,  I would call him “star” .. why star ? why not duck ? or mouse ? whyyyyyyy … ? ??????? hush !! of course not .. because those names for  animals .. hahaha *stop laughing!!* :/ … the truth is ….. . . mm..m… because star means something that I can’t reach ! only I can see ! .. Just like that boy ! I couldn’t reach him .. I couldn’t get him .. I couldn’t make he mine .. I only can see him everyday .. and you know the bad  bad thing of that ?? It was happened to me a million time .. grrrr .. I think “million” is too drama queen..hhe .. but  that’s the truth!! but not anymore ! now .. I have someone not a “star” … hehehe ..
now , I like stars because I like when it’s shining .. It can makes the dark sky becomes so beautiful with its existence .. I impressed with a star which is shining just alone .. far from its friends .. from others stars .. because it still can makes the sky shining and beautiful .. so we are !!! Let us shine like a star !!

hhmm .. ga tau gw mau nge post apa .. tapi mau ga mau , ya harus ngepost !! diawali krna TUNTUTAN TUGAS sih 😀 *katamamaharusjujur* wkwkwkwk..
nah ? skrg beneran bingung deh .. hahahah
dah ! intinya gw udah buat 1 post dulu .. ^0^

God bless all ..

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